Matt’s plans do not have the place for Lilian that she expected.

Radio Times: Matt counts down the days to freedom, and Jim brings a little of Rome to Ambridge.

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  • Matt has been told that he may get a release date in the next few weeks, so he has been mentally preparing himself. What has he been thinking about – earning a living. He reckons that property, flats and houses, is the area in which to make money.
  • At The Stables and at Home Farm preparations are in hand for Jim’s party, also for the party at Lower Loxley tomorrow; Shula has noticed the atmosphere at Brookfield with Pip and David being very formal and polite with each other.
  • But where does she figure in Matt’s plans, Lilian wonders. She has a big part, as director of his new company, because he cannot be a director. This is not the response Lilian was hoping for and her reaction is cool. She goes home and cannot hide her depression from Jennifer, when she rings to cry off Jim’s party.
  • The party does not go with the swing Jim had hoped for; the food is disgusting, the noise annoys the neighbours, his oratory is generally not appreciated and much of the drink is lost when Jazzer (who has gatecrashed as a gladiator) upsets the kitchen table.
  • Brian feels that Lilian should have come to the party. Jennifer correctly divines that Matt is the problem; when did he make Lilian happy? Paul seems to do that. Brian warns that there will be trouble ahead for ‘cuddly Paul’ when Matt comes out.

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