Lilian is cut dead by Shula but gets a decorating commission from Ian.

Radio Times: Lilian gets creative with Ian.

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  • It’s strawberry picking time – for people who grow them in poly-tunnels – and Adam is showing the students round the village, ending up at The Bull.
  • Jill has found the errant Monty in the Brookfield living room – let out of his pen, no doubt by Josh. Hayley calls to have a quiet word with Jill – not in front of the children. Sensitive soul, she is seeking a less drastic solution than Mike’s for her broody hens.
  • Having repaired to the peace and quiet of their cottage, Adam explains to Ian that his carefully prepared response to Debbie’s ‘Blue Sky’ paper is yet to be read by Brian. Lilian calls, glad to find someone who is pleased to see her: Shula cut her dead earlier and suggested that she ask her partner why. Matt is not giving much away.
  • Jill’s answer to Hayley’s problem is to put the hens in a separate coup and run for broody hens and provide them with some eggs to sit on. Phoebe can’t believe she must wait 3 weeks to see the results.
  • Lilian’s comments leave Ian in no doubt: she doesn’t like his Japanese-style decor. What the room needs is a makeover, something clean and tasteful; he should hand over the project to someone more experienced. And before he knows what has hit him, he and Adam have agreed to let Lilian loose on it – just (sic) for the cost of the materials.

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