Ed is missing; Clarrie and Emma are worried; William couldn’t care less.

Radio Times: The Grundys lose a family member.

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  • David is keen to get Mike to help with the silage by driving a tractor, Eddie too. Hayley thinks this will help to keep him busy – as, she hopes, will her new vegetable garden. She has mixed feelings about his dawn walk, planned for the Bank Holiday. She wants to plant some lettuce plants but needs to be shown how and Mike is quick to volunteer.
  • When William collects George the atmosphere is certainly more cordial than of late but he goes too far when he probes about Emma and Ed; that’s none of his business.
  • Clarrie is now very worried. Jazzer has told her that he hasn’t seen Ed since Saturday morning; that’s three days ago! William is characteristically dismissive; Ed can look after himself; he is not worth worrying about.
  • Hayley is enjoying many aspects life in the country but when she tells Mike about some problems with the hens, she is not prepared for the answer – if they are past laying, wring their necks. A discussion about what else she could grow in the vegetable plot soon produces the desired effect: Mike will make a start right away.
  • William takes some pleasure in passing on to Emma the news of Ed’s disappearance and to take the opportunity to belittle his brother. Emma goes straight to the phone but there is still no answer. Ed where are you?

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