Lilian outwits Matt. Eddie outwits Clarrie.

Radio Times: Clarrie learns from bitter experience.

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  • The Courier is running a competition to find a Town Crier, and Clarrie thinks Eddie should enter. He’s not interested until Joe points out that it could be a nice little earner on the side once the uniform was supplied. And not only that; Eddie would have to practise, and where better than the cider shed? Joe agrees, and tells Clarrie that he’ll personally see that all the cider is locked away from Eddie.
  • Matt reminds Lilian of their bargain; if she touches a drop, there’ll be no shopping in New York. Having established that Matt will be in meetings all day, Lilian decides to arrange lunch with a friend.
  • True to his word, Joe locks the cider away, to Eddie’s fury. And that’s not all; Clarrie sends Will along to check on them. For different reasons, both Joe and Eddie are furious.
  • Matt surprises Lilian by coming home early. He’s got another surprise, too – a breathalyser. But the laugh’s on him when Lilian’s reading is 0.04. Her boozy lunch had to be cancelled when she was needed to sit with Jack.
  • Having convinced Clarrie of his intention to stay off the drink, Eddie goes back to the shed for more Town Crier practice. Just as he’s pouring himself a Scotch from his secret store, he’s interrupted by Lilian, still smirking at Matt’s discomfiture over the breathalyser. They settle down to a Scotch together – from a bottle labelled Pig Tonic and served in a jam jar.

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