Nigel takes Green matters further. Oliver takes cheese matters a bit further.

Radio Times: Bert rises to a new challenge.

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  • Nigel is intent on sourcing more local food for Lower Loxley. Lizzie is less keen than him on the whole Green idea, and tells Caroline about Nigel’s ideas for green weddings. Far from sharing Lizzie’s scepticism, Caroline is enthusiastic; she can see the business potential. This gives Lizzie food for thought, and she eventually admits to Nigel that it’s a great idea.
  • Oliver also has his thoughts on food, when Helen comes to Grange Farm to show him how to make cheese. Their experiment is successful, and Oliver is delighted. He takes Helen to lunch as a thank you.
  • Still unable to stay away from Brookfield, Bert lugs a huge sofa into the workshop, so that he can repair it and keep Freda happy. It doesn’t keep David happy, though – there’s no room to move in the workshop. But Bert’s DIY phase doesn’t last; he decides to take the newly restored Massey-Ferguson out for a spot of ploughing practice in preparation for the competition. The sofa stays put, though.

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