Lilian takes advice about Matt. Shula seeks advice about Jim.

Radio Times: Professor Lloyd gets in with the locals.

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  • Lilian brings Peggy to church, and is invited back to Home Farm to talk over her troubles with Matt. Meanwhile Shula bends Alan’s ear about her troubles with the challenging Jim and his attempts to turn Daniel into an atheist.
  • Jennifer tells Lilian that harmony seems to have been restored in the Aldridge household by means of the bio-digester idea. Lilian is underwhelmed. Her concerns lie with Annabel and Matt. Jennifer suggests gatecrashing a drinks do at which Annabel will be present, and sizing up the opposition. Lilian thinks it a great idea, and decides to peruse Matt’s diary.
  • Joe calls at the stables trying to sell turkeys. He’s somewhat taken aback by Jim’s sense of humour, but over several whiskies, Joe tells Jim all about the ancient feud between the Archers and the Grundy’s. Jim confides that Daniel is the only bright spark in a very dull household, and the friendship is cemented by the placing of an order for a turkey.
  • Shula returns, and is not pleased to find Joe there and the whisky depleted. She sanctimoniously berates Jim, and is furious when she hears about the turkey – she has ordered a goose. Moreover, she’s invited Alan round to talk to Jim.

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