Lilian worries about Matt and Annabelle.

Radio Times: Jenny speaks from bitter experience.

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  • Oliver and Caroline are hosting a drinks party at Grey Gables; Lynda takes the opportunity to enrol Oliver as compère for the Christmas concert: the event looks as if it will be big and she needs to be backstage.
  • When Matt joins the party, Jennifer and Lilian are talking about Alice but Lilian prefers to talk about Annabelle Shrivener. Is she quite nice looking or a stunner? Matt ducks the question, claiming to be interested in her mind, her legal nous and her contacts. Lilian is not convinced.
  • When David calls at Home Farm he finds only Jennifer, who has left the party early to collect Ruairidh. He reports that Shula’s father-in-law was a good dinner guest so he reckons that Shula is over-dramatising; he was interested in the farm as well as the green energy scheme. Therein lies the reason for David’s visit (maybe his new mobile is broken already) – to announce that he and Ruth want to be in the project.
  • As he watches the switching on of the Christmas lights, Eddie reflects that only two of the residents there have ordered turkeys. Peggy and Jack are absent; at the last minute Jack didn’t want to come. Jenny enjoys the occasion, Lilian does not: her mind is on Matt and what he might be up to with the lovely Annabelle. Jennifer’s advice is ‘know your enemy.

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