Lilian thinks dancing lessons with Mike might be an idea! Nigel is having lunch with Brian just to give him someone to talk to.

Radio Times: Eddie gets an eyeful at the Dower House.

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  • Nigel is starting his insulation project with lambswool. And he also want to grow their own flowers instead of flying them in – but then, what about the cost of heating greenhouses and of putting African farmers out of a job. Not as simple as he first thought. Meanwhile, their new guide in Bert is rather suffering from over indulgence in the Lower Loxley wine.
  • Mike is trying to push Oliver’s cheese on his round when Lilian asks if he knows any dance tutors. She pushes him into helping her and Eddie is most amused to come across them!
  • Cousin Lucille has sent some photos of Uncle Rupert. They look quite impressive in his uniform. Lizzie can see the family resemblance. His body was never found, of course, along with so many others lost. It reminds Lizzie of Siobhán and how ill she is sounding. Siobhán seems to be convinced Brian will take Ruairidh on. With or without Jennifer.
  • Eddie is gossiping about Lilian and Mike dancing with Bert, but suddenly Mike appears and all goes quiet. They were really talking about the cricket team of course…… Roy is in the team at number 3 but Neil is out. Eddie wonders what has happened to loyalty and even hints he should be included. Mike and Bert just find it a laugh!
  • Nigel has dropped off a few bottles of their wine at Home Farm. Brian and Jennifer are both looking awful. It would really helpful if Siobhán could know they’d take Ruairidh on. He is Lizzie’s godson after all. Nigel is meeting with Brian for lunch on Monday anyway – without David, he has no one outside of the farm to talk to.

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