Lilian will only front Matt’s business if she has a say. Brum’s butchers tell Vicky “No”.

Radio Times: It’s all work and no play for Brenda, and Lilian lays down the law for Matt.

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  • Mike tries to prepare Vicky for disappointment before her visit to Birmingham wholesale butchers but she turns it into an issue of belief in her. Bad news, all the butchers say no. But Vicky’s not deterred. They all said it was a possible maybe if she contacted them in some months when she had a product. Meanwhile, she’s had an idea on what to do with the pie veal.
  • Jazzer tells Tom it was Harry that persuaded Fallon to let him move into the Bull. Brenda tells Tom she’s working late so that’s his plans for an “end of first week” celebration in the Bull scuppered. Helen tells Tom she’s more than likely pregnant and isn’t happy when he says she can’t know that, it’s too soon, and anyway, it never works first time.
  • Lilian can see how Matt’s business plan would work, which immediately makes Matt assume she’ll sign but won’t be involved at all, just as he wants. When she forces him to listen he’s unconvinced that buy-to-let won’t work. She leaves; unless he takes her opinion seriously as a business partner he can forget the whole thing.

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