Pip returns home on weeknights. Eddie continues to take backhanders. Kate’s applying to Felpersham Uni.

Radio Times: Eddie and Joe find a nice little earner, and David perfects the art of compromise.

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  • Joe’s continuing to pimp Eddie’s ability to bump stock up the order so it gets a higher price. Wally paid £50 this morning. Mitzy in the office sees Eddie’s starting to make a habit of it though.
  • Brian’s noticed Joe’s huge “Grundy’s field campsite” sign. Eddie makes lots of noises about having ticked the right regulatory boxes.
  • Ruth and David were awake thinking about Pip. She turns up after the shearers have finished to pick some things up. Jude’s waiting in the car at the end of the lane. Pip explains her bio-diversity study hasn’t gone well and needs re-doing, it’s her own fault, and that Brookfield isn’t much quieter than Jude’s. She gets tearful and David relents; Jude’s allowed on the farm, but can’t stay over. And Ruth insists Pip stay home on weeknights. Pip agrees it would make sense, at least until exams are over. Jude later drops her off with her bags, Pip’s pleased to be back.
  • Kate’s told her mother that Felpersham University offers the best course, having looked at South African ones at Jennifer’s suggestion, so she’s going to apply. Can Dad pay the tuition fees? Jenny’s concerned that much of Kate’s interest is to do with re-establishing a relationship with Phoebe. Brian points out that getting a diploma in International Development would be useful to have in South Africa, so Kate’s intending to return there.

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