Lizzie is high-handed. Ruairidh is scared.

Radio Times: Brian and Jennifer get a rude awakening.

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  • It’s the day of the Archer family photograph, and Lizzie’s in a real state over it, issuing orders to all and sundry and being rude as only she knows how.
  • Ruairidh wakes with a nightmare. Brian is sure it’s to do with Hallowe’en nonsense, and loses no time in going to Brookfield to complain about Ben’s role in it. David is, understandably, less than pleased at Brian’s attitude, but agrees to speak to Ben.
  • Shula tells Nigel that the DAC are in favour of removing the pews, but fundraising will be a problem. Nigel ventures to say that he’d prefer to keep the pews, but Shula isn’t to be dissuaded.
  • Jennifer is appalled to hear of Brian’s complaint about Ben. She thinks they should leave it to the school to deal with. She’s about to send out invitations to Ruairidh’s birthday party, and Ben will certainly be on the list, so she doesn’t want there to be any bad feeling.
  • Brian puts Ruairidh to bed, and explains that Hallowe’en and its talk of ghosts is just a story. Ruairidh seems to be convinced, and is happy about his party, though Brian’s acquaintance with children’s parties is clearly rather hazy. Brian assures Ruairidh that they will always look after him.

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