Love blossoms between Tom and Brenda. Lynda is on the trail of the off-roaders.

Radio Times: Love is in the air at Willow Farm.

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  • Tom and Brenda are enjoying their new love with a walk by the Am.
  • Roy and Hayley have treated themselves to lunch at The Bull, although it turned out not to be so much of a treat – certainly not up to Freda’s standard. Meanwhile Bert has kept up the flow of photographs from India by email.
  • Back home Hayley has a cunning plan: they will start a vegetable garden and when they start to do it wrong, Mike will be unable to resist advising them and thus will be drawn in to the activity. She has already had conflicting advice from Phil and Jill – started quite an argument between them, in fact. Roy is concerned about Brenda getting so close to Tom: she may be doing it for the wrong reasons.
  • Brenda confides in Hayley that she is really happy – which is pretty obvious anyway, although Hayley advises taking things gently for now. Brenda plans to tell her friend Kirsty, rather than have her find out from someone else.
  • Lynda has made a bit of progress on tracking down the off-roaders: Borsetshire has an off-roader club. So the recent problems might well stem from organised activity. David will chase up the lead.

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