Oliver has to be firm with Carly but Christopher might be more successful in bringing her out.

Radio Times: Oliver gets assertive.

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  • Carly has decided she is not going to school. Caroline has to rush off to work so it is left to Oliver to lay down the law. He takes her himself, though inevitably she is late.
  • Pat has a busy day which includes taking some photos of the farm for her presentation to the supermarket buyers. Tony is sceptical. We’ll see!
  • Caroline has some good news: Maitland has made a good offer on the Dower House – almost the asking price. For the time being she will keep it between herself and Oliver.
  • Oliver meets Carly after school but she is typically uncommunicative. In future, Oliver will take her to school but she can come back on the bus.
  • When Tony criticises her pictures as gloomy, Pat has had enough. No wonder Tom couldn’t work with him; he is a wet blanket. If he cannot offer any encouragement he should shut up.
  • Carly is no longer sulking. The reason is that Chris Carter has come to Grange Farm to work on one of the horses. They exchange phone numbers and he is instructed to ring her! Maybe he will introduce her to other young people; that is just what she needs.

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