Matt offers Debbie a job as an arable consultant.

Radio Times: Debbie gets an offer she can’t refuse.

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  • Kirsty and Brenda are enjoying lunch together and exchanging news. The fact that Kirsty is plainly so happy with Sam makes it easier for Brenda to tell her about her own blossoming relationship with Tom. Kirsty is very happy for her – really.
  • Carly is clearly quite a determined girl: since she has not received the expected call from Chris, she has called round at Willow Farm – nearly the right place. Brenda promises to pass on Carly’s number to Chris, for which purpose it is added to Brenda’s own mobile.
  • In the lambing shed, Kirsty tells Ruth about her day, including lunch with Brenda – but she stops short of mentioning the Brenda/Tom relationship; perhaps Kirsty is not quite so happy with it after all.
  • Debbie has called on Matt at his office, as planned. He agrees that the Estate is not being run as well as it could be and he has a proposition for her. He wants her to take over strategic control of the Estate farms. Graham Ryder will still be the managing agent so it will not be a full-time job and should fit in well with her work in Hungary, which is also now less than a full-time job. She will be an arable consultant with the opportunity to prove what she told Matt earlier about unexploited opportunities. She will be free to choose her own contractor, which could of course be Home Farm; Matt will judge her on the bottom line – no pressure then. Remuneration will not be a problem. She is flabbergasted but will certainly think about it. Adam isn’t going to like this!

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