Debbie tells Brian about Matt’s offer and gets a supportive response.

Radio Times: Brian gives some parental training.

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  • In the shop, Christopher is looking for a soft drink suitable for (though he doesn’t tell mum this) mixing with the vodka Carly acquired earlier. Caroline is pleased that Carly is getting on with Christopher – a nice lad – she has no worries there. But Susan has!
  • Meeting in The Bull, Brian hears from Oliver that things are moving in the right direction regarding Grey Gables. However, life with a teenage girl foster child is tough; Brian has some experience in that line.
  • Hardly have they settled down to their vodka and pineapple juice than Christopher and Carly are disturbed by Susan coming home unexpectedly early. Carly is promptly whisked off to Grange Farm and delivered complete with flea in ear. Caroline decides that any discussion can wait until the morning; it would be better if Carly got to bed before Oliver returns – a good decision for which Carly is grateful.
  • Debbie returns home from an evening out with Kathy and Kenton to find Brian still up. So over a brandy she explains about Matt’s offer. Brian is supportive and is sure that the other members of the Hungarian cooperative will be too; with cheap flights she can commute regularly and do both jobs. She is doing a cracking good job in Hungary; that’s why everybody is after her.

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