Luke continues to fight his drug addiction; Joe seems to have lost his fight to keep the barn.

Radio Times: Alan and Luke face an uphill struggle.

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  • For the first time in days, Luke is out in the fresh air as he and Alan head for a counselling session.
  • Eddie has still not been paid but Shula cannot help him with such a large amount; he must see Alistair.
  • The counsellor is sympathetic but she only works for a charity; she has no influence on how the NHS prioritise their cases and Luke is unlikely to be a priority case. Methadone might seem to be the answer but there are other ways to tackle the symptoms of withdrawal, better ways than replacing the heroin with another drug. They also need to face the reasons which drove him to drugs in the first place. Meanwhile, a balanced diet and no caffeine will help, as will sleep, even though Luke maintains that he is not sleeping at all. Ambridge is a safe environment and he should try to get out for walks. Some role playing may help him to understand why he gave in to drugs last time and improve his resistance to giving in again.
  • Shula has been out riding with Caroline, who was working off her frustration when the target of her head-hunting turned her down: Grey Gables is not viewed as much of a career move.
  • With Luke sticking to his resolve, Amy can come home. As Alan explains to Shula it is exhausting trying to keep him positive.
  • Eddie comes home to find Joe clutching a summons; he must appear in court for failure to comply with the order to remove the barn. Oh woe, the Grundys have been put back in their place; he had better ring Ernie and get him to take his cattle away.

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