Fallon worries about the homeless Luke; Susan worries about permission for a new home.

Radio Times: Tom has high hopes.

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  • While moving the pig arks with Tom, Neil learns something which could be very much to his advantage. The supermarket people have suggested a new line, spicy organic sausages, which would mean a substantial increase in the number of pigs. On the strength of such an increase, Neil could claim a need to live on the spot and apply for planning permission.
  • Jack is in The Bull sharing his worries with a very busy Peggy; he is disappointed that Caroline does not think Grey Gables has the prestige to attract a top chef. She plans to do some head-hunting. When Fallon turns up, rather late, she looks worried too: she has been to see Luke and he is really not well.
  • Susan’s reaction to Neil’s news is cool and she has plenty of excuses to delay but Neil wants the main building work done in the summer.
  • In The Bull the conversation turns to Luke and Tom takes a very hard line which Fallon finds hard to believe. Peggy is not over-enthusiastic about Alan’s efforts either but later, she is concerned that Fallon is upset over what she said. Fallon is upset because she feels responsible for Luke being back on drugs and so ill. If only she had not taken him to that party. Peggy draws on her own experience to reassure her that, just like her alcoholic first husband, the responsibility of an addict is solely his own. Let’s hope that Luke benefits from the counselling Alan has arranged for tomorrow.
  • Neil has looked at the finances and they can afford to go ahead to turn their (well Susan’s actually) dreams into reality but, to get planning permission, they will have to pay up front and take the risk. Let’s go for it.

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