Luke is struggling with his drug problem; Pip is struggling with her family’s high expectations.

Radio Times: It all gets too much for Luke.

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  • As he thanks her and Phil for looking after the second part of the sleep-out, Alan explains to Jill that Luke is in a pitiful state; Amy has stayed with him this morning. When all the sponsorship money is in, the event will probably have raised about £500.
  • Luke has been sick again and has a high temperature; he does not feel he deserves all the attention he is getting from Amy and her grandmother. It’s their choice; all he must do is concentrate on sticking to what he has chosen.
  • Ruth has brought Pip for piano practice with her grandfather. While she chats to Jill, about the sleep-out, Luke’s return and Pip not being her usual bright self, the noises from the piano indicate that the practice is not going well.
  • Amy is uncomfortable eating a family lunch with Luke all alone; if he wants company, he knows where they are. When Amy relates Luke’s story about life in a squat under the influence of drugs, Alan decides that she needs a break from the situation; he will take up Shula’s offer to have Amy for a few days. Her protests are to no avail.
  • While Pip is consoled with chocolate, Ruth and Phil argue. He maintains that a short period of pressure will not do any harm and she should not let up for fear of the competition. Ruth is not convinced that getting into Felpersham is the right thing for Pip anyway: she is struggling with the work just to get in. What if she fails? How will she feel then?
  • Alan resolves to ring the drug clinic tomorrow; a little professional help would not go amiss although, as Mabel points out, what he really needs is hope.

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