Alan spells it out; Luke can stay but taking heroin must stop.

Radio Times: The sleep-out gets under way.

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  • It’s the night of the sleepout, but the participants have very different ideas on what it’s all about. Hayley brings her camp-bed and a full set of beauty products, as well as her sparkly pyjamas, CD player and eye-mask; Jenny has provided Alice with Borchester’s most expensive sleeping bag, while Amy intends to sleep in her clothes, and Kirsty’s sleeping bag is the relic of years of festival-going.
  • The problem of Luke is occupying Alan’s mind. He just doesn’t know what to do about him. When he sits Luke down to discuss it, Luke is sure he’ll be told to leave, but Alan lays down some ground rules. He can stay at least until his appointment with the doctor, but only if he stops using completely. Luke points out how hard that is, but Alan is adamant.
  • Mabel keeps the sleepers-out cheerful with her ginger cake and soup. When Alan tells her his decision, she’s in agreement, but points out that it won’t be easy. But Amy is delighted.

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