Adam fails to live up to Debbie’s reputation; Alistair seems to have a cash problem.

Radio Times: Conflict at Home Farm.

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  • Eddie seems to be the only cheerful person in Ambridge. He arrives bright and early with Snatch, to begin surfacing the car park at Alistair’s surgery. Alistair’s feeling the effects of last night’s Vets’ Do, and Shula isn’t ready for visitors at that hour.
  • At Home Farm, Brian is in a foul mood after doing the night shift in the lambing shed. When Adam appears, he launches into a vicious attack on the lack of responsibility shown by ‘your sort’. Adam is furious at this unjustified attack; he had booked Eddie, and even checked with Clarrie. But, of course, he’s not Debbie, is he.
  • David is still very low over the TB problem, and escapes from Brookfield to help Shula with some fencing after the horses broke out. Eddie appears, asking for payment in cash; reluctantly, Shula gives him some of it from the stable petty cash box. But just as Eddie is about to go, Adam appears, furious with Eddie for letting him down – but he didn’t; he was booked for Thursday night, and yesterday was Wednesday. Adam has got it wrong, and now he’ll have to pay Eddie for tonight. Adam explains to Brian, who in turn apologises quite handsomely for what he said; but he does point out that no one could expect the farm to run as well as it did in Debbie’s time.
  • Alistair asks Brian for immediate payment after treating the Home Farm lambs. He wants the cheque made payable to himself, not the practice. When Shula asks him to repay the sum she gave Eddie, he doesn’t seem too keen.

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