Mabel makes up with Luke; Clive has phoned from Scotland.

Radio Times: Tough times for Luke.

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  • Because her car has a flat battery, poor Jennifer is forced to take Brian’s new Mercedes when she goes to persuade Chris to embroider a kneeler for the church. Their chat is interrupted by Neil, who tells Chris that Clive has gone to live and work in Scotland. Chris is speechless.
  • At the vicarage, Mabel is giving Luke a hard time about the theft from her bag. Luke apologises, and good relations are eventually restored. When he discovers that Amy and Alice tried to find him, Luke is touched, but it makes his rejection by his own family, and his estrangement from his little sisters, even harder to bear. As he says, ‘Smack is always there for you’. When Alan discovers that Luke is still on heroin, he doesn’t know what to do.
  • Just as Jenny is about to leave for home, Brian phones to say that Adam has not shown up for his shift in the lambing shed. There’s nothing for it; Brian will have to take over. But he’s not too pleased.

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