No Golf for Jack but, embarrassingly, Peggy’s car is not stolen; Luke reappears in Ambridge.

Radio Times: Ian gets an introduction to Ambridge.

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  • While Peggy is busy minding the Bull, Jack is in a real state; Peggy’s car has gone missing and he’s sure it must have been stolen. He rings Fallon to check whether Peggy left her green VW Golf there, but she didn’t, and now she’s gone shopping with Lilian. Jack loses no time in informing the police and all the Farm Watch members.
  • Jack’s not the only one in a state. Josh has eaten the last of the Cocopops, and Pip has a major strop over it, finally throwing her porridge over Ben. Ruth and David, already stressed over the TB reactors, find it hard to keep their tempers with her. David needs to get off the farm, so sets off for Borsetshire Farmers and some more Cocopops.
  • On the Green, Fallon and Alan discuss the success of the Sleepout project. Alan pressgangs David into sponsoring Fallon, and David leans on a parked car to fill the form in. Then he realises it fits the description of Peggy’s car. When a stranger tries to drive it away, David launches an assault, and has to be restrained by Alan.
  • When Peggy returns, she is appalled at what Jack has done; she told Ian to use her car whenever he wanted, and that’s what has happened. At that moment David phones to say he has apprehended the thief. A grovel from Jack, endless apologies and a replacement bottle of Whiskey from David seem to do the trick; Ian is fine about it, and Alan insists that David comes back to the Vicarage to air his problems and have a cup of tea. But their tete-a-tete is not to be. A visitor is waiting at the Vicarage; it’s Luke.

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