Testing times for Brookfield; the TB shows no sign of abating.

Radio Times: A bad day at Brookfield.

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  • With the TB tests hanging over him, David is not in the best of moods. He’s insisted that Pip should go to her Maths. Coaching instead of a birthday party. Ruth confides to Alistair how concerned she is at the pressure Pip is under.
  • Susan’s ideas for a luxury home are well under way. She has bought a glossy magazine, and sketched her ideas for ensuites, cloakrooms, utility rooms, decking and … a hot tub. Neil is rather more down-to-earth; they will have to see what the situation is with regard to planning permission. He rings the council, and tells Susan the glad news that they would stand a better chance of getting permission if they were already living on the site – in a caravan. It doesn’t quite fit Susan’s picture of gracious living, but Neil thinks it’s the only way.
  • As Alistair begins the tests it becomes obvious that they have a major problem. Almost every animal is a reactor. David takes his misery out on Alistair, accusing him of incompetence and, worse, of trying to make money from Brookfield’s misfortunes. Bert has to intervene, but Alistair is understanding and David eventually apologises. But they will have to slaughter thirteen Herefords. David and Ruth are distraught.

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