Luke tries to ring home and gets a double setback; Alan has put his foot in it.

Radio Times: Alan and Joe strike a deal.

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  • There’s a sight you don’t often see – a mountain of turkeys in the back of a trap. Since Joe has a few left, Alan places a belated order and in return expects that Joe will attend this afternoon’s carol service, as agreed.
  • Alan has done his best to provide the things that are traditional in Jamaica but the ham he has bought is too big for any pan they possess. It’s nearly one o’clock before Luke appears but he needs sleep.
  • Clarrie was hoping for some help from Kathy tomorrow, to help dress the turkeys, but she cannot get the time off. So Joe and Eddie will have to help.
  • When Luke has finished the washing up, to Mabel’s high standards, she wants him to rung his mother: she will want to know that he is safe. As for attending the carol service, well God really isn’t his thing. Mabel suggests that God is a better friend to him than heroin; he would not argue but he still can’t bring himself to go to church.
  • It was a joy to Mabel to see such a full church. Jill observes that they didn’t bring Luke; well, they tried. She agrees that Alan is doing a good Christian act in taking the boy in, a brave one too. She also has a solution for their over-sized ham – her jam pan.
  • Luke has plucked up the courage to ring home but it is to no avail. His stepfather answers and tells him to drop dead and Alan interrupts and assumes that he has broken his trust and is phoning a drug dealer. Oh dear, Alan confesses that he has opened his mouth before engaging his brain – again.

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