Lynda casts her show. Kirsty is heartbroken. Sam makes a declaration.

Radio Times: Ruth makes a grand declaration.

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  • David is pulling all the stops out in his efforts to restore his relationship with Ruth. Even Pip has noticed, and asked David to sort things out. But Ruth’s mind is elsewhere, and when they are interrupted by Lynda, she’s glad of the opportunity to avoid being alone with David. Lynda offers David the part of a dwarf in her Christmas show, and David suggests that the whole family should take part.
  • Helen offers a shoulder for Kirsty to cry on, and brings her back to Bridge Farm to stay the night. Kirsty can’t understand what went wrong. She really loved Sam, and thought it was for keeps. They, too, are interrupted by Lynda, looking for Tony to play Grumpy. When Lynda sees Kirsty, her choice for Snow White, she waxes lyrical about Kirsty’s happy nature, constant smile and ready laugh. When Lynda breaks into ‘Some day my prince will come’, Kirsty can take no more, and runs out crying.
  • While Helen calms Kirsty down, Lynda stays in the kitchen in case help is needed. Pat returns and is surprised to see her. Helen then explains what has happened, and for once, Lynda is quite chastened.
  • Sam finds Ruth and says he must talk to her. She goes over to the cottage, where he tells her he’s finished with Kirsty. He’s never felt like this about anyone, and wants them to be together. Nothing less will do for him. He’d face anything to be with Ruth, because he loves her. Tearfully, Ruth tells him that she loves him, too.

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