Sam gets his love life sorted out. Jazzer gets a rise. Kirsty gets a nasty shock.

Radio Times: Sam loses his appetite for Kirsty.

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  • Kirsty offers to do some overtime at Ambridge Organics. She’s hardly seen Sam all week. Helen offers comfort; they’re busy calving at Brookfield, and probably Sam’s on overtime too. Then Kirsty’s phone rings, and she’s all smiles; Sam’s taking her to lunch at The Feathers.
  • Although it’s his day off, Sam comes to Brookfield to see Ruth. He tells her he can’t bear to be away from her, and Ruth says she can’t stop thinking about him, either. David is being as nice as he can, but she can’t bear to be in the same room. Ruth is worried about Kirsty; isn’t she going to feel just like Ruth did over Sophie. Sam reassures her; the relationship hasn’t been good for ages, But Ruth tells Sam he must go.
  • Worried that Jazzer’s new interest in the milk round and all that goes with it might make him decide to leave Tom’s pig unit, Tom decides to offer him a rise. At first Jazzer thinks he’s getting the sack, but when Tom offers him £25 more, Jazzer can’t believe his luck. Not only that; it’s £25 a week. Jazzer accepts rapidly.
  • Kirsty is in bubbly mood as she prepares to enjoy her lunch at The Feathers. Sam tells her he wants her to have a special lunch, which she thinks must be his way of making things up to her. But then poor Kirsty gets a sense of deja vu as she is dumped for the second time over a plate of expensive food.

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