Lynda is determined to win both the Ambridge Three Peaks and the Open Garden competition.

Radio Times: Kenton can’t believe his eyes.

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  • Robert is indulging in llama worship. They are such endearing creatures and they are going to get a walk round the village later. First though, Lynda wants to look through the designs her garden designer has emailed and then do a trial run (walk really) of the Ambridge Three Peaks. Little do they know but they are being observed …
  • … by Kenton at Kathy’s bedroom window; he can hardly believe what he is seeing. That woman is barking. Moreover Joe is at work in Kathy’s garden because he says it is letting the neighbourhood down; that’s rich. Kenton is just glad to be there but Kathy is no fool: he is just glad to be away from Glebe! He must think about the decoration of his new flat; he is not keen on using Jack’s leftover paint. Kathy has some pastel shades too but he finds them no more attractive; she does her best to talk him out of red for the bedroom.
  • Lynda is disappointed with her time on the trial run; there is much training to do before the big day. She is also disappointed that church warden Bert will not let “members of the public” up the tower willy nilly.
  • Kenton calls at The Stables on the scrounge but he is no more enamoured with their leftover paint than with the other options. He will keep searching.
  • Shula arrives at church in time to save Suresh from Bert, who is worried that their hopes of a permanent vicar have been dashed: their favourite from the shortlist came to have a look round and was treated to a lecture on the life and habits of llamas by Lynda, so that’s probably the last they will hear of him!
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