Kathy wavers, Kathy gives in; Kenton can stay with her while he renovates Daphne’s flat.

Radio Times: An alarming birhday gift for Robert.

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  • Jill is still trying to bully Kenton into doing the garden at Brookfield. He is still trying to get out of it. He’s going to see Daphne’s flat soon. Jill tries to pretend she’s enjoyed having Kenton at Glebe – it would certainly be duller if he was like the others. But they both miss Meriel.
  • Lynda is making arrangements for the delivery of Robert’s 60th birthday present even though he says he doesn’t want a fuss. Certainly not the amount of fuss Lynda seems to be planning for her Faberge egg costume for the Three Peaks Challenge or the Morrocan garden for the open gardens weekend. It turns out she has spent £3000 on two llamas! Constanza and Wolfgang. A girl for him and a boy for her. Robert wants to send them back but then he is nuzzled by Constanza. Maybe they can stay after all.
  • Kenton is still trying to avoid the gardening by talking to Ruth but Jill is hot on his trail. The local abattoir isn’t any good for the Herefords. Very slapdash. They certainly wouldn’t be interested in hanging it for 15 days.
  • Daphne’s flat is dire. Dark and dirty and stinking of fags. But Kenton will still be glad to get out of Glebe. It will be a challenge. But maybe now it is going to be time limited he can stay with Kathy after all. She can help him choose the furniture – with all that money he has suddenly acquired from nowhere.

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