Caroline settles in to Grange Farm; Alistair’s practice settles in to The Stables.

Radio Times: A tight squeeze for Caroline.

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  • Caroline is finally moving into Grange Farm – on her birthday so Shula and she are riding the horses over – after all no reason to offer Alistair any support on the day he is opening his new surgery.
  • Roy is finding it all a bit much. His and Hayley’s working hours aren’t often in synch but even when they are Hayley has to spend the evenings with Marjorie. Roy feels guilty about feeling like that but they never get anytime. Lynda says she will try to visit – the days are fine, it’s the evenings that are difficult. Emma is late for her work experience – she has been having a row with her parents. They still want them all to do the Three Peaks Challenges but Emma told them no in no uncertain terms.
  • Caroline is finding some trouble fitting her stuff in to Grange Farm but Oliver wants her to fill every room in the house. He is sick of being on his own.
  • Lynda is Alistair’s first customer at the new surgery. It is looking quite smart. She is looking forward to celebrating Robert’s 60th birthday on Saturday and Alistair needs to hear all about it.
  • Emma is doing well on her work experience. She is really enjoying learning about wines. She would really like to own her own place. She doesn’t want to end up like her mum – 40 this year and ending up packing sausages for Tom.
  • The house warming at Grange Farm is going well. Caroline needs more wardrobe space but that is easily solved. Once William’s flat is finished she will let out the Dower House as an executive business let. And Alistair’s partnership is finally over. To new beginnings!

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