Bert drives a hard bargain but he and Freda will move into the bungalow.

Radio Times: Bert makes up his mind.

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  • David is planning a visit to the local abattoir to see if will be a good place to see the Herefords slaughtered. He isn’t going to compromise on quality though. In the meantime, Bert and Freda want to have another look at the bungalow but they will have to take it carefully – he can be very contrary.
  • Ed is pretty down at the moment – Dross splitting up, William getting a make over for his flat and Fallon winning the competition. He might cheer up if he gets a decent price for Baby but Joe wishes he didn’t have to sell. They do need to encourage him if he wants to build up a beef herd.
  • Alice is taking Spearmint for a ride when Nigel appears in his new helmet. But Spearmint is settling down. Nigel has decided that cycling helps him see more of what is going on. He is writing it all down – primroses, pussy willow etc. There aren’t as many birds as there used to be though. Alice is so pleased with the horse, Brian is going to get a very special Easter egg this year.
  • Bert and Freda have decided they might be persuaded to move to the bungalow IF they can have a greenhouse and a garden shed. And if Freda can have a decent state of the art extractor fan AND the recliner from the sitting room. Then they’ll take it. They can move in after the last of the holiday guests over the Autumn. At last they’ve got something to celebrate.

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