Lynda offers moral support to Kathy while Clarrie offers practical support to Kenton.

Radio Times: Nigel learns lessons from the past.

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  • Nigel relates his recent experience visiting Uncle Rupert’s grave at Ypres as part of the Remembrance Day service.
  • Kathy ensured that Jamie observed the two minute silence, as her father used to make her. Kenton clearly didn’t – but he has remembered his promise that he and Jamie will cook lunch.
  • Clarrie is very impressed with Jill’s new eternity ring and Lynda was very impressed with Nigel’s speech about Ypres. Nigel warns Jill to expect some surprises at the party on Friday; Lizzie has really thrown herself into the preparations.
  • As Lynda and Clarrie walk home, Clarrie manages some faint praise about Nic before they meet Kathy, who clearly wants to talk – anyway she is banished from her own home. Kenton, meanwhile, is struggling with Yorkshire puddings and seeks Clarrie’s help.
  • Lynda had an inkling about what had happened to Kathy but now she knows. Lynda feels responsible, leaving Kathy to lock up that night, but Kathy assures her that it could have happened anywhere. Kathy is worried that no-one will believe her: it is just her word against his – she was so desperate to rid herself of him that she washed the evidence away; Lynda believes her and offers support, any time. Kathy is pleased that she has talked to Lynda.
  • Clarrie saves the day by teaching Kenton about Yorkshire puddings and Jamie tells her that Kenton being there is brilliant. She makes a tactical withdrawal before Kathy returns. Kathy promises to tell Kenton later about her chat with Lynda, which was good.

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