Lynda relents and acquires a shed full of turkeys; Clarrie will sleep tonight.

Radio Times: Lynda shows some Christmas spirit.

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  • Poor Clarrie, the turkeys have taken over the bedroom and she has not been sleeping well on a sofa which is too small and seen better days. Susan suggests asking Mrs Snell again about using her shed even though she turned Eddie down: he is not renowned for his tact. She also eases Clarrie’s mind about Neil shopping them to the Environmental Health: his bark is worse than his bite.
  • Kathy’s arrival in the shop is opportune because Susan wants to seek her advice, on Emma’s behalf, about a suitable college course. Emma will not be able to do her Lower Loxley job for a while and this would be a good use of the time.
  • The Snells have made room for a big Christmas tree but Lynda is worried about when to decorate it. She has an urgent review to write of the Felpersham Players’ panto in the village hall, then there is the wassailing. Clarrie’s renewed plea about the use of their shed for the turkeys initially falls on deaf ears. When Edward comes home unexpectedly early, having been sacked from the canning factory, and gives his mother some lip, Lynda takes pity and sanctions their use of the shed after all.
  • Once indoors, Ed has the music to face. Eddie is less concerned than Clarrie (why doesn’t that surprise me) and promises to keep him busy, starting right now with moving the turkeys.
  • The Snells’ tree is truly enormous. Jamie is very envious and sulky but when it is agreed that he and Kathy will help to decorate it on Thursday his mood improves. Robert meanwhile is seeking a pot for the tree in the shed. He finds it difficult to get inside the shed: it’s full of turkeys and he is not best pleased about it.

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