The old dog is up to his old tricks.

Radio Times: No kiss under the mistletoe.

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  • After church on Sunday morning, Janet is just saying goodbye to Clarrie after commiserating over her predicament re: the turkeys. Jennifer tries to be sympathetic but haven’t the Grundys always got themselves into a fix?? Janet explains about Neil’s intransigence… not everyone finds it easy to forgive. They discuss the forthcoming festivities – Jennifer would like a ‘bigger’ Christmas but with half the family – including Roy and Phoebe – away, she will have to make do with the village round of parties. One thing ….Brian’s in a very good mood this Christmas….
  • Brian and Siobhán meet accidentally outside the village shop…… it almost seems like she’s been hovering. She teases him playfully over his hidden depths in reading the heavy Sunday papers. He suggests a little drive ….. She’d love to, but she and Tim have a party to go to – Ruth and David’s. Brian’s delighted, he’s going too of course. Perhaps they can find a little corner together and continue their chat?
  • >li>Ruth and David, getting ready for the start of their first big Brookfield Christmas, make time for some mistletoe practice…… Everything looks, and is, splendid.
  • Siobhán is ratty and rattled over finding a suitable outfit for the drinks party – much to Tim’s impatience. She finally settles on ordinary trousers and a very sexy top……she wants to ‘add a bit of spice’ to village life!
  • At Brookfield she makes a grand entrance and it is obvious by the women’s reaction at least that the top has had its desired effect. (She is also wearing the scarf that Tim once gave Janet, a fact that has escaped neither of those two.) Brian regains his power of speech at last and promptly gets rid of Jennifer with long practised ease.
  • While Tim looks for Siobhán, Jennifer finds her tucked into a corner. Just as they begin a conversation, Brian returns and successfully persuades the unseeing Jenny off to hear some supposed family gossip. He has a great idea…what about him and Siobhán going to the race meeting at Felpersham on Tuesday? No one they know will be there………

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