A bad day for Ed: he is frozen stiff plucking turkeys and then learns that Fallon is going out with Jazzer.

Radio Times: Frozen fingers at Willow Farm.

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  • Neil has been early to the pigs so as to be out of the way when the Grundys come to kill and pluck their turkeys. Betty is more accommodating, leaving the back door key for Clarrie to get hot water, but don’t tell Mike. Ed and William are helping too, if they can manage not to wind each other up. They seems to be a good lot of birds, the better for being in the open air perhaps, and most of them are sold. Not all the feathers find their way into the bag, so there will be some clearing up to do. William cannot resist telling Ed that, not only is Fallon singing with Dross, but she and Jazzer are now an item; they visited Emma together. Ed cannot believe it and wants to hear it from Emma.
  • William volunteers to take the first lot of birds back to Keeper’s Cottage; Ed comes too and might call on Emma. Betty invites the workers to have their lunch in the warm and suggests that they use Neil’s shed for the afternoon session.
  • Ed is out of luck for seeing Emma but Neil is able to confirm that Fallon did indeed come with Jazzer. This is not going to improve Ed’s mood.
  • Back at Willow Farm the work is nearly done when Neil puts in an appearance and he is not best pleased with the state of his shed. If he gets a visit from the environmental health people he will not cover up for them; lots of people know about the turkeys. Clarrie is now really worried that, because Eddie did not go through the proper channels, they could lose the lot – after all they have been through!

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