Bluebell is vertical again, while Siobhán and Brian are horizontal.

Radio Times: Brian wants a different afternoon.

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  • Jennifer had plans for a Christmas shopping trip with her husband but Brian has other ideas, some of which is keeping to himself. Lynda wonders if he might join them in her wassailing venture: no chance.
  • His first appointment is with Siobhán who is very keen to waste no time; whatever paperwork he has brought is quickly forgotten as they continue where they left off in Brussels.
  • At Lynda’s wassailing meeting Jolene’s suggestion about a pub crawl (not quite how Lynda would have put it) receives favourable consideration: they will be in the dry, there will be power for her keyboard, they will make more money for the charities than going round the village – and Sid will make some too if they finish up at The Bull. Siobhán arrives a little late and seems surprised to see Jennifer, who correctly guesses that Brian had not mentioned that she would be there. Anyway the practice is deemed a success; it is to be hoped that the pubs of South Borsetshire are ready for this.
  • David needs some convincing about Brian’s Eastern Europe ideas. He is very tired from all the care lavished, mostly in the middle of the night, on the hapless Bluebell but he will not give up yet. Ruth decides to take a turn at the massage but with strict instructions not to move her. Brian thinks it is never a good idea to give them names, it clouds objectivity; whereas his professional approach tells him that the land in Hungary could easily produce three times its present yield. David thinks he will undermine the organic market here but the discussion ends abruptly as Ruth bids them come outside.
  • Full marks for the professional stockman who knows his animals, names or not! He was right about Bluebell not being ready to give up; she is on her feet. Ruth thinks he is wonderful.

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