Emma has been doing some serious thinking about her future.

Radio Times: Kathy consoles herself.

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  • Sid and Jolene are planning a special quiz for the festive season: Christmas No. 1 hits. Jolene is thinking about helping Lynda with her wassailing but Sid is against it because he wants everybody in The Bull spending their money; that’s our Sid, full of Christmas goodwill. Jolene thinks she might turn it to their advantage by persuading Lynda to take the singers round the local pubs, finishing up at The Bull. The discussion is interrupted by Kathy, come to discuss Jamie’s presents but it is not a good time.
  • Lunchtime finds Neil and Emma together, as is usual these days; he is delighted to hear that she is thinking about going to college, perhaps for catering. Right now she would welcome getting out of the house and William provides the answer: an evening at The Bull quiz night.
  • Kathy was stung by Sid’s remarks earlier that Jamie had said she had not put up any Christmas decorations so, with a little help from Joe, by the time Sid calls the place looks very festive indeed. Sid issues an invitation to The Bull if she finds it quiet over Christmas but Kathy thinks she will be too busy; Lynda’s Victorian party is just one of several things going on.
  • Neil and Joe share a drink in The Bull although the atmosphere between them is cool; Neil has nothing against the Grundys’ initiative with the turkeys, as long as they are kept away from his hens. Meanwhile Emma is settled into a corner of the pub, out of harms way. When she explains to William that she is thinking about college, he encourages the idea. She feels that perhaps the accident has put things into perspective; it is time to move on, her life ought to be different.

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