Greg experiences some home comforts but Eddie’s turkeys are still out in the cold.

Radio Times: Jennifer gets a gift.

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  • Debbie is surprised that her mother appears subdued, since Brian is expected home any minute. The reason is that she will not be seeing Phoebe at Christmas: Roy is working so she is going with Hayley to her parents.
  • Greg comes home to a pleasant surprise: Helen has taken the day off and is at the stove. She plans to put up Christmas decorations and cook supper.
  • Brian has a present for Jennifer which goes down well; Debbie is rather dubious about the local fruit liqueur he has brought for her. He has liked what he has seen (farms, presumably); there is a lot of potential, although he will have to be wary about the level of debt.
  • When Debbie calls at Brookfield to discuss the Hassett Hills venture, she suffers the fate of most visitors these days – helping to turn Bluebell. They have some marketing to do because the lamb is not selling as well as they wished to catering outlets; if things don’t improve Hassett Hills will not last another year.
  • Replete after his supper, Greg has no shortage of ideas of how to fill the time before he must go out on poacher patrol. Helen manages to slip into this romantic conversation the news that she has scotched any ideas her mother might have had about letting the Grundys hang their turkeys at Bridge Farm; it is simply not compatible with a high quality organic operation.

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