Brian has a rewarding stopover in Brussels.

Radio Times: A meeting in Brussels.

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  • It seems that Lynda was not enthralled by the prospect of a shed-full of dead turkeys, so Eddie’s quest continues; maybe Pat and Tony would find them space to hang the birds. Eddie is not convinced that they will all fit into Joe’s bedroom anyway, so they might have to use his and Clarrie’s. No way: that is where Clarrie draws the line.
  • Siobhán thought she was beyond being surprised by men but she has to admit she was wrong when Brian appears in her Brussels hotel and proposes a dinner date.
  • A flying visit from William, on his way to check the covers, leads Clarrie to lay down the law to Eddie. His poaching activities must not stray onto Estate land and make Williams’s life more difficult; she feels he is being worked too hard anyway. Greg heard someone banging away in Heydon Wood but did not catch them.
  • The Brussels restaurant has come up to expectations, the food is amazing. Brian has a present for Siobhán which she thinks is gorgeous and they drink to a spirit of adventure, may it lead to unexpected places. Brian expresses his plans in terms which could refer to farming in Hungary or to something else entirely. There is nothing ambiguous about Siobhán’s plans: if Brian has an hotel room he has wasted his money, he won’t be using it.

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