David is still massaging Bluebell and Eddie is still hunting for a place to hang his turkeys.

Radio Times: Robert thinks Lynda is lovely.

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  • David is still persevering with Bluebell, although the broken nights are catching up on him. He and Ruth are thinking about whether to rear the bull calves as bull beef; Ruth is not sure. They are interrupted by Eddie looking for a place to accommodate his turkeys; he must look further.
  • After church Jennifer reports to Jill that she has heard from Brian. He is the Brian she used to know; he has got his old enthusiasm back – for farming, what else! Jill invites her back to Brookfield for lunch and Lynda invites tham both to participate in the latest venture she is planning – wassailing.
  • At Ambridge Hall, Robert is amazed that Lynda is planning to have a Christmas tree, after what she said about them last year. They are interrupted by Eddie, delivering evergreens and looking for a place to accommodate his turkeys; this time he might be luckier, especially if he can persuade Joe to be Father Christmas.
  • There is no such thing as a free lunch. Jennifer is getting a grilling from David and from Ruth about the scale of Brian’s proposed investment in Hungary. David thinks that Brian should have more loyalty to British farming. Jennifer recommends that David takes it up with Brian on his return, which will not be until Tuesday; apparently he has more farms to see.

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