Lynda’s party is a great success, despite Eddie’s turkey gutting side-show

Radio Times: Lynda has too much turkey.

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  • Robert and Lynda are sorting out last minute Christmas decorations, Lynda anxious that everything is perfect. Meanwhile Leonie is complaining to Coriander about Lynda’s obvious overspend (of Roberts money!) in her exorbitant preparations. Eddie arrives mid-turkey gutting for more water. Lynda ushers Eddie out – him clearly not fitting into her perfect Christmas plans!
  • Kathy appears to be reassuring Jill that Christmas alone with Jamie is just what she wants.
  • At the grand Snell party, Lynda is still fretful, especially when Siobhán informs her that Eddie is attracting quite a crowd in Lynda’s shed where turkey gutting is still in full swing. Siobhán shows disappointment when she learns that Brian and Jennifer won’t be coming.
  • Joe is entertaining Cas with his ghostly folk tales when Eddie arrives to hurry ‘Father Christmas’ up.
  • A stressed Lynda is dismayed to find Joe smelling of turkey guts, although Father Christmas proves to be a huge success – even though an astute Jamie notices that he smells of perfume!
  • Jill finishes off the party readings with a bit of Dickens, and even Lynda starts to relax. It seems though, that the joy of having Cas and Leonie for Christmas might be short lived, as Leonie has a rather large favour to ask her father at some point in the near future…..

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