Christmas Eve preparations, and Shula is not looking forward to Christmas at Alistair’s parents

Radio Times: David does the rounds.

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  • David and Ruth are trying out the newly tuned piano – Pip’s surprise present. Ruth is grateful for Jill’s help. When Ruth’s ‘to do’ list is examined it emerges that they have forgotten to deliver Christmas cards to the village folk.
  • Brian fends off a call as he and Jennifer reflect on Debbie’s birthday meal last night and Christmas preparations. Jennifer tells Brian about Peggy’s version of events from Lynda’s party and also mentions how that someone was trying to get through on the phone during her call……
  • Shula is at Jill’s for lunch – also her and Alistair’s 3rd wedding anniversary. Shula feels that she is not held in such high regard by Alistair’s parents as his first wife.
  • Brian is sorting out the lambing shed when David arrives to deliver the forgotten Christmas cards. Brian invites David to the Oxford conference, although David declines.
  • Shula drops in to see Ruth at Brookfield, still not looking forward to Christmas with Alistair’s parents when David arrives back from the Christmas card run.
  • A forlorn Jennifer waves goodbye to Phoebe, disappointed that she will not be with them for Christmas. Jennifer mentions that Siobhán had rung for Brian – something to do with Hungarian translations – and that Siobhán had repeated her offer to help with the catering at the Home Farm Boxing Day shoot. Brian lovingly tells Jenny how wonderful she is, and surely Siobhán would only get in the way.

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