Pip’s piano is a roaring success and Clarries broken cooker leads to a shared Christmas with Kathy and Jamie.

Radio Times: Kathy to the rescue.

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  • Christmas Day at the Snells. Leonie is non-plussed at the inappropriate clothing that Lynda has obviously chosen for her present. Leonie is desperate to get her boyfriend back and is planning to call him later.
  • Pip’s piano has proved to be a huge success and she is playing a unique version of Jingle Bells to Phil and Jill. David and Ruth have finished the essential farm duties and now want to open their presents!
  • Eddie berates Edward for is loud music. Edward is clearly not in good spirits. Clarrie arrives back from church to find that the oven has broken leaving their Christmas dinner half cooked. A desperate Clarrie begs a favour from Kathy – to use her oven. Kathy actually seems quite relieved at the distraction and invites the Grundys around to spend Christmas lunch with her and Jamie.
  • David and Ruth are pleased with their present from Phil and Jill – tickets to the masked ball at Lower Loxley. Kenton rings much to the delight of all.
  • Robert is pleasantly stuffed and praises Lynda for her efforts. Cas brings in coffee whilst Leonie makes her call. Justin is still nowhere to be heard. Leonie returns from her call to Nick – clearly not successful. Her upmarket fortune cookie only makes things worse by its reference to love.
  • Edward is entertaining Jamie much to Clarrie and Kathy’s delight, who compliment each other on their respective culinary contributions. All in all it would appear that the cooker breaking down was the best thing to happen all round!

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