Brian’s shoot is a success and Nigel and Elizabeth are feeling the strain of Nigel’s sister’s company.

Radio Times: Siobhán has time on her hands.

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  • The Home Farm Boxing Day shoot is well under way, and Jennifer has lunch under control. Afterwards, during the clearing up, Brian compliments Jennifer on her hard work whilst they enjoy a kiss and speculate about how nice it would be to go to the Masked Ball at Lower Loxley.
  • Tim and Siobhán seem to be having a rather stilted conversation. Siobhán decides to go for a walk whilst Tim makes lunch. She appears to be suffering from severe cabin fever.
  • Elizabeth and Nigel are enjoying a Boxing Day walk with the children. Elizabeth is frustrated with Nigel’s sister Camilla staying with them, whilst Nigel seems more out of sorts with Camilla’s husband James. Julia arrives, gushing about Camilla’s pregnancy and what a good thing it is that James is from the ‘right’ background.
  • Both Tim and Siobhán end up walking to Lower Loxley and call in on Nigel and Elizabeth. After more insensitive comments from Julia about Camilla’s pregnancy, Nigel takes Tim for a look at the falconry course, whilst Elizabeth offers comfort to Siobhán.

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