Lynda helps David and Ruth recover a lost Bluebell. Leonie asks Robert for more financial help.

Radio Times: Leonie has news for Robert.

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  • Cas and Leonie are looking forward to leaving Lynda’s tomorrow. Leonie is still resentful of Lynda and all she represents. Cas is more positive and suggests a walk with Lynda whilst Robert stays with Leonie.
  • David comes in from feeding the sheep and chats to Jill about arrangements for Pat’s forthcoming 50th birthday. A worried Ruth arrives – Bluebell’s gate has been left open and she is missing.
  • Lynda and Cas’s walk up Lakey Hill is going well. Cas compliments Lynda on her wonderful Christmas. They talk about Leonie’s problems, and Cas let it drop that Leonie needs to talk to Robert about something important. Using Lynda’s binoculars they spot Siobhán on the village green – on the phone(!!) and the missing Bluebell in one of Brookfield’s fields.
  • Cas and Leonie are talking – Leonie still out of sorts. Lynda makes an opportunity to talk to Leonie on her own, but is interrupted by Robert. Robert tells Lynda of Leonie’s request – for help with her mortgage now Nick has moved out. Robert has agreed to help her, which Lynda accepts – albeit with a little hesitation.

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