Cas and Leonie finally go home, whilst Brian and Siobhán have another secret rendezvous.

Radio Times: While the cat’s away …

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  • Kathy comes across Siobhán on the village green. They chat about their Christmases, Siobhán’s quiet one and Kathy’s busy one with the Grundy’s. Siobhán’s phone rings, though she doesn’t answer it, claiming it to be only Tim.
  • Cas and Leonie are preparing to leave. Leonie is still as miserable as sin and can’t wait to get out. They give Lynda some flowers as a thank you – she is overwhelmed – although disappointed to see Leonie’s name left off the thank-you card. Kathy arrives as the girls drive away. Lynda tells Kathy of Leonie’s money problems and her thoughts that the only reason for her visit was to extract money from Robert. Robert however has had a wonderful Christmas and puts it all down to Lynda.
  • Brian is sorting out the lambing shed when he gets a call from Siobhán. She is desperate to see him though Brian seems less enthusiastic. He visits her at home briefly, and drops lots of hints that he is not going to be around much in the near future. Siobhán has bought two shares in a racehorse from their winnings last week – one for each of them. Brian tells Siobhán about his and Jennifer’s Masked Ball New Years Eve plans. Siobhán won’t be there, though she will of course be thinking about him…..

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