Siobhán decides to go to the Masked Ball.

Radio Times: A bad start at Brookfield.

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  • It’s 5:30am and David has enlisted his father-in-law to help with the milking. All is not going to plan; there is no suction, which means that there is some ice in a pipe somewhere. This could take hours and gallons of hot water but David has to admit that it is self-inflicted: in this bitter weather he knew that the door needed repair and he had not done it. The next problem is that the tanker arrives before the milk is ready to be taken away.
  • In The Bull, Siobhán is persuaded to try Jolene’s mulled wine. By the time she has listened to Lynda claiming that anyone who is anyone will be at the Masked Ball, the wine is cool. No matter, she will dash over to Lower Loxley and take up Elizabeth’s offer of two tickets; who gets the other one?

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