The New Year begins, full of promise for Brian.

Radio Times: Who is that masked man?

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  • Once again, Phil and Jill are letting in the New Year at Brookfield, on this occasion babysitting while David and Ruth and Ruth’s parents go to the Masked Ball at Lower Loxley. Phil is quietly looking forward to playing Pip’s new piano which has been a great success. Ruth thinks it will take more than a mask to disguise her prominent bump.
  • Anyone who is anyone will be at the Ball; anyone who is not will probably be at The Bull. Eddie tries hard to persuade Ed that he should go, to cheer him up.
  • Brian was surprised to find that Tim and Siobhán are at the Ball: he did not think it was Tim’s scene. Tim feels that Siobhán has been in better spirits since they decided to go, although of course he has no idea why. Siobhán is in a head-turning outfit which certainly has the desired effect on Brian, although Jennifer is none too pleased to find that her husband has been whisked onto the dance floor before she has even danced with him herself. She makes do with David who does not really include dancing among his accomplishments, while Tim is happy to sit with Ruth and compliment her on her “glow”.
  • At The Bull, Ed’s mood has not been improved by an evening in his grandad’s company, nor by the offer of a New Year hug from his rather inebriated father. William has of course spent the evening with Emma; Eddie’s suggestion that Ed needs a girl like Emma is just about the last straw.
  • As the New Year arrives it is Jennifer who gets the customary kiss from Brian.

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