The morning after! There are some sore heads tending the pigs and lambs.

Radio Times: Division at Bridge Farm.

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  • Neil and Tom are sorting out the pigs, Tom nursing a hangover from New Year’s Eve at ‘The Fruit Bowl’. He has not been to bed yet; he swears, never again! Neil stayed at home, although Emma enjoyed herself with William at The Bull. Tom is running a campaign in his family to do something really memorable for his mum’s 50th birthday on Thursday week but his idea of a trip to Disneyland has not found favour with Helen; there have been sibling arguments – nothing new there then.
  • Hayley and Debbie exchange New Year’s Eve experiences: Hayley at home without Roy who was working, Debbie in the lambing shed with Simon who visited at midnight. Debbie’s parents apparently had a good time: Hayley noticed that Jennifer was trilling like a bird.
  • Eddie has responded to a call to stand in for Mike in the lambing shed; Neil will be along later. His hints about getting some work to occupy Ed seem to fall on stony ground.
  • Waiting for their respective partners in The Bull, Hayley suggests to Tom that maybe his arguments with Helen are the result her being edgy about Greg’s trip to France next week.
  • Neil and Eddie are working in the same lambing shed, although not actually working ‘together’. There is one lamb which Eddie fears is a lost cause as he is clueless about what he has to do to feed. Debbie will not give up so easily.

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