Lynda’s planning a party with a difference; Debbie tells Simon exactly where to go …

Radio Times: Simon has some important news.

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  • Debbie is feeding the sheep when Peggy turns up with some velvet curtains for the holiday cottage – warmer for winter than the cotton chintz. Debbie invites her Gran for a cup of coffee and confides in her that despite Jennifer’s efforts to make the cottage cosy and Christmassy, she feels that only non-stop work can keep her thoughts about the situation in perspective.
  • Eddie likens Neil’s continued moroseness to Marley’s (“bloomin'”) ghost stalking The Grundy World of Christmas – what can you expect, says Clarrie. Neither is Eddie very happy about the rate of sale of Christmas trees. Clarrie thinks it’s still too early to buy them. All the needles will have dropped by twelfth night. Even Lynda can’t be persuaded to buy a tree – she and Robert are going to Coriander’s for Christmas. The cakes however are going like, well, the proverbial hot ones. At this rate they’ll have to bake another batch next week.
  • Peggy’s curtains fit the cottage perfectly. She is very sympathetic when Debbie talks about Sundays being so difficult, the days she and Simon usually spent together doing ordinary things. Peggy suggests going with her to buy a Christmas tree, but Debbie can’t face seeing the folk of Ambridge yet. She’s been so gullible. Everyone was taken in, consoles Peggy. Dad wasn’t, says Debbie, still so unaware that it takes one to know one … ! The phone rings. Much to Debbie’s disgust, it is Simon who needs to talk – but he is cut off sharply.
  • Eddie is now trying to persuade Lynda to buy a tree for her Hogmanay party – but no, trees are not traditional in Scotland. She will need a real Scotsman, though, for her first-foot. Not exactly prolific in Ambridge, are they! What about Jazzer, says Clarrie? A wonderful idea thinks Lynda, and she could invite Ed and all the youngsters from the band! This could turn out to be a very interesting party, Lynda … !
  • Debbie answers a knock at the door – it is Simon, who all but gets the door slammed in his face. She really doesn’t want to see him or speak to him. He tells her he is returning to Canada, for ever (not just for Christmas … ). He thinks it will be best for her, will make life easier for her. Her happiness means a lot to him. He still loves her … and so on. But Debbie is having none of it and explodes with rage. She threatens him with her father (yes, please – that would be a fight to write home about!) if he doesn’t leave immediately. He leaves – with Debbie making it very clear just where he can go!

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