Chaba takes Phil’s words literally; Debbie is hoping that Matt Crawford is still ignorant of her situation.

Radio Times: Chaba is feeling vulnerable.

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  • While Chaba is milking the cows Phil reminds him about the choir rehearsal – and about the finer points of parlour management. Chaba is left uncertain about being a ‘tenor’ and puzzled when Phil mentions that milk yields are down at the moment.
  • Oliver and Caroline are enjoying the end of an afternoon ride and exchanging playful badinage about his singing voice. Debbie appears at a gallop on Tolly. They only just avoid a dangerous collision. Debbie responds to Caroline’s polite enquiry about Simon with the news of their impending divorce and his return to Canada.
  • Shula and Ruth are chatting about Heather – Shula can sympathise with Heather’s feelings of loss and loneliness. She went through such similar times when Mark died. They discuss the twins’ birthday party on Thursday. When Chaba comes in, he seeks reassurance from Ruth that the drop in milk yield is not his fault, as Phil seemed to insinuate. She explains that for one thing, the silage wasn’t very good this year and that Phil being Phil, still thinks that noone understands cows like he does!
  • Caroline pops in to the stables to see if Shula knows about Debbie and Simon. She feels she rather put her foot in it earlier. Shula clarifies the situation for her, but expresses surprise at the news of Simon’s return to Canada.
  • The tenor members of Phil’s choir are in fine voice but the basses are thin on the ground – until Oliver arrives. However his ‘good strong bass’ lets him down after only a few notes and he reverts to the tune. Phil patiently starts yet again …
  • Jennifer is busy preparing the food for tomorrow’s shoot. Debbie has been in the office getting records up to date. She tells her mother of Simon’s visit to the cottage yesterday and his plans for the future – so like what happened the first time – he comes to this country, creates chaos and heartbreak then just walks away from the mess. Debbie is going to steer well clear of the shoot tomorrow and hopes any gossip hasn’t reached Matt Crawford and his cronies. She can’t bear the thought of that crowd picking over the entrails of her marriage.

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